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RightsLink Author FAQs - Author Questions*

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Author questions

1.      How can I contact Copyright Clearance Center’s (CCC’s) Customer Support?

You may contact our Customer Support team in the following ways:

Email: publicationservices@copyright.com

Phone Toll free: +1 855-239-3415

Phone Local: +1.978.646.2777

Live Chat: Visit http://chat.copyright.com to initiate a live chat session.

Our hours of operation are:

Monday through Friday - 24 hours/day

2.      What is RightsLink Author?

RightsLink Author service is CCC’s next generation platform that facilitates the collection and management of author publication charges such as open access charges, page charges and color charges.

3.      Is RightsLink Author different than RightsLink?

RightsLink and RightsLink Author are in the same product family. RightsLink Author is RightsLink’s next generation platform for managing and collecting author publication charges, including open access, page, color charges and more.

4.      What browsers are supported?

The RightsLink Author platform is optimized for IE-9, IE-10, and Firefox on the Win-7 operating system and Safari on the Mac OSx10 operating system.


5.      How will I be notified that I have charges to pay via RightsLink Author?

The model for notifying an author of payment due may differ among publishers. You will receive an email which may be generated from the manuscript management system, the production system or from the RightsLink Author system. The email notification will contain the link to view and pay author charges. Some publishers, such as publishers who use Aries Editorial Manager, may embed links within their respective submission and acceptance workflows prompting authors to view APC estimates and then pay any charges due upon acceptance. Other publishers might embed links in their respective author portals.

6.      Will I see the RightsLink Author link outside of the email correspondence?

For publishers who use Aries’ Editorial Manager, the link may be embedded within their respective submission and acceptance workflows prompting author to view APC estimates and then pay any charges due upon acceptance. Other publishers might embed the links within their respective author portals.

7.      How can I pay my charges for a RightsLink Author transaction?

Click on the payment link in your offer email or from links within your manuscript submission system or author platform. When you click the link, you will be brought to the RightsLink transaction workflow that will allow you to:

1. Indicate which charges you wish to pay

2. Enter any applicable discount information

3. Select your preferred payment option

4. Complete your purchase.

If you elect to pay by invoice, you can pay later by credit card by accessing your account history in RightsLink Manage Account or referring to the payment instructions on page 2 of your invoice. Manage Account is available in the horizontal menu bar at the top of the transactional workflow.

For payment instructions in Chinese, please contact Customer Service at publicationservices@copyright.com.


8.      What payment methods are accepted for RightsLink Author?

Depending on the publisher, you will have the option to pay by invoice, wire transfer and/or pay by credit card. The credit cards accepted by RightsLink Author include MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.


9.      How can I pay optional charges after I’ve completed my transaction?

If you decide you wish to pay optional charges that you did not select during your initial transaction, please revisit the RightsLink link to your manuscript to place another transaction.  If the options are no longer visible in your link, contact Copyright Clearance Center’s Customer Support at publicationservices@copyright.com.

10.   How do I know my charges and options are appropriate for the journal in which I will be published?

RightsLink Author reflects journal-specific pricing and discount rules set by the publisher.

11.   How do I cancel a transaction I completed in error?

Please contact Copyright Clearance Center’s Customer Support at publicationservices@copyright.com.

12.   My university or funding agency is responsible for paying my open access charges. How do I ensure that my transaction is billed to the appropriate party?

If you expect to send all of your invoices to your institution, then choose a ‘corporate’ account when you set up your initial RightsLink account. Enter your institution’s address in the address section of the form. At the Payment Options page, select pay by invoice and verify that the correct billing address for your institution is shown prior to completing your order.  

13.   I am splitting the open access charges for my article with my co-authors. How do I ensure that the cost of the article is divided correctly?

Please have one author place the order and select the “invoice” payment option. Once you receive the invoice by email (within 24 hours of ordering it) contact Copyright Clearance Center’s Customer Support at sagesupport@copyright.com to request a revision to the invoice with split charges.  Please include details of how the funds should be split amongst the authors and provide any additional billing information you would like added to each proforma invoice.

Once your authors receive their split invoices, there are a couple options for making payment:

  • Partial payments by check or wire transfer can be made by following the payment instructions located on Page 2 of the invoice. 
  • Partial payments by credit card can be made by submitting a credit card payment authorization form (Credit Card Authorization Form) and defining the amount to be charged to each card. It is important to follow the instructions at the bottom of the payment authorization document, highlighted in yellow below, to send it to the secure fax number that is directed to CCC’s Finance Department for processing.  If you do not have access to a fax machine and cannot pay by wire transfer or check, contact Customer Support at +1.877-622-5543 or +1.978.646.2777 with your invoice number and a representative will transfer you to Finance (Open Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM ET) to take the credit card information over the telephone.

14.   How can I print a copy of my invoice and/or pay for my Author charges?

Log into RightsLink Manage Account at https://roa.copyright.com, click View & Pay Invoices, then the Pay Invoices tab. If you need further assistance, please contact Copyright Clearance Center’s Customer Support at publicationservices@copyright.com for assistance.

15.   I think I am entitled to a discount/waiver. What information do I need to provide to obtain a discount/waiver?

When you arrive at the RightsLink Author transaction workflow, be sure you have selected the appropriate charges and then select the Apply Discounts button. Within the Apply Discounts window be sure to read your publisher’s discount policy at the top of the page. If your publisher offers a geographic discount then you will see a section that reflects the primary author’s home country. Similarly, if your publisher offers membership or affiliation/subscribing institution discounts, you will see appropriate sections to verify your information. At the bottom of the page, is a section for entering any promotion codes or voucher codes that your publisher has supplied to you. Many publishers use these codes to grant discounts or waivers. Once you view or adjust information, be sure to click the SAVE button to ensure all eligible discounts have been applied. You will automatically return to the Charges Estimate page and you will see a ‘discounts applied’ link next to your charges. Click the link to view the type(s) and discount amount(s) applied. Finally, if you believe you are entitled to a waiver and you have not received a promo code, you may want to contact your editor.

16.   I am having technical difficulties with RightsLink Author. Who do I contact?

Please contact Copyright Clearance Center’s Customer Support at publicationservices@copyright.com for assistance.


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