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RightFind™ Overview

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What does RightFind™ do?

Included with the purchase of an Annual Copyright License for businesses, the RightFind solution makes it easy for you and your colleagues to quickly confirm the content usage rights your company has from Copyright Clearance Center annual text licenses

How do I verify license coverage with RightFind™?

The RightFind solution features a user-friendly interface with clear indicators that tell you whether content is covered by CCC’s Annual Copyright License and Multinational License.

Just type in the title of the work and verify coverage based on the way you want to use the content.


To what degree has RightFind™ been customized for my company?

Your company’s installation of the RightFind solution has been customized to make it more useful for you as an employee. For example, the system has been configured to designate an internal company contact who manages it. Each RightFind page also includes a link so you can send an email message to the designated company contact (generally a library or legal staff person) if you have questions about sharing content. The e-mail may go to an individual or may go to an alias for a group (for example, to allow the next available person on your company’s library staff to assist you).

Additionally, each RightFind page includes your company’s logo as a statement of your company’s commitment to and endorsement of RightFind as a rights advisory tool.

Can I access RightFind™ outside of my company?

Yes. When you're working within your company's IP ranges, you'll be automatically authenticated and have immediate access to the site. You can also create a username and password for gaining access to the RightFind solution when you're not on your organization's network.

I share information as part of my job. What can RightFind™ do for me?

With the RightFind solution you get immediate answers to your copyright questions every time you seek permission. You’ll be able to use and share content quickly, with the confidence that you have the right to do so and that you are adhering to your company’s corporate copyright and IP policies.

How much user training is required?

Very little. The RightFind™ solution was designed to be highly intuitive and easy for you to incorporate into your daily workflow.


What browsers is RightFind™ compatible with?

The RightFind solution is optimized for the following browsers: IE9+, Firefox 15+, Chrome 28+, and Safari 5+.


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