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Fraudulent Checks - Check Scams

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From time to time, Copyright Clearance Center is contacted by individuals inquiring about the legitimacy of a check bearing our company’s name.

Unfortunately, Copyright Clearance Center has sometimes been the victim of fraudulent use of our name on counterfeit checks. These checks typically have been used in purchase scams that work something like this:

  • You list something for sale (for example on craigslist, eBay, your local paper).
  • You are contacted by individuals indicating interest in purchasing your item.
  • The “buyers” want to pay you with a check that appears to be from Copyright Clearance Center, and that may be made out to you or to someone else (in which case they say they will sign it over to you).
  • However, the amount of the check is greater than the price of the item you are selling.
  • The “buyers” ask you to deposit the check and give them the difference between the amount of the check and the price of the item (or for you to take a little extra from the difference, for your trouble).


Please be wary of the above situation. You stand to lose both your item and the money you give to the "purchaser".

If you have further questions about the validity of a check you received with Copyright Clearance Center’s name on it, please contact us at 855-239-3415.

If you would like to pursue legal options, please contact your local law enforcement authority.


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