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I believe I have been billed in error, how do I request a credit / invoice adjustment?

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Credit and refund requests are accepted due to:

  1. Data entry or other errors by CCC
  2. Duplicate orders (CCC processing charges are still incurred where duplicate royalty fees have been adjusted)

Credit and refund requests are not accepted in response to:

  1. An increase in rightsholder-set royalty fees (see section below titled Royalty Fee Statement)
  2. A modification in usage numbers, number of copies, pages, students, etc., because accurate usage data was not submitted to CCC before invoicing
  3. Any order details in which royalties have already been distributed to rightsholder

Credit and refund requests must be submitted, in writing, within 30 days of invoice date to info@copyright.com. Please include your:

  1. CCC account number
  2. E-mail address
  3. Telephone number
  4. Invoice number for which adjustment is requested
  5. Order and/or order detail number
  6. Reason for adjustment request
  7. Requested adjustment amount

Credits and Refunds

If you are due a credit or refund, you will receive a credit memo within 60 days. A new invoice will not be issued. If your credit and refund request is declined, you will receive an e-mail notice.

Royalty Fee Statement

All royalty fees are set directly by rightsholders with no assistance from CCC. CCC cannot affect, change or set royalty fees.

Royalty fees in CCC's title catalog change at the discretion of the rightsholder. CCC does not set royalty fees and is bound by contract to collect and distribute current royalty fees. Royalty fee updates received from publishers, authors and other creators are accepted 365 days a year. These fee changes become effective in CCC's title catalog quarterly (January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1). Pricing for orders is based on the effective royalty fees in the database on the date of order entry.

Rights ownership frequently changes from one rightsholder to another. The new rightsholder royalty fee becomes effective immediately. A rights ownership change can occur for a variety of reasons, including transfer of rights, mergers, acquisitions and reversion of rights to authors and creators. These changes are effective upon receipt, unlike fee changes.


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