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01. What is the Annual Copyright License for University Hospitals?

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The Annual Copyright License allows employees and medical students of U.S.-based university hospitals to reuse and distribute copyright-protected content from Copyright Clearance Center’s extensive repertory of works, both in print and electronically, within their organization.

The license makes it easy for your hospital’s affiliated employees, faculty, staff and medical students to share text-based content responsibly in the following ways:

• Photocopy articles and chapters for internal business and teaching use (including coursepacks and class handouts).

• Store and print portions of electronic works.

• Scan paper copies of works (when an electronic version is not available).

• Distribute electronic copies of works internally by email, intranet, e-reserve or course management system postings, through collaboration applications such as Lotus Notes and Microsoft SharePoint®.

• Share a single electronic copy of an article with a patient on request for informational purposes (for example, regarding a diagnosis or treatment).

• Share copies with outside persons with whom your staff or students are working collaboratively on research recognized by the institution.

• Attach copies of articles to internal hospital communications such as newsletters, training materials and presentations.

• Store print or electronic copies as part of permanent records of hospital research or other work products.

• Submit electronic filings to government agencies as required for regulatory purposes.



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