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10. How do I verify that a title is covered by my Motion Picture License? (MPL)

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To verify if a Video is covered under the MPL, simply determine who the distributor of the Video is and look them up in the producer list on the CCC website.  You can visit IMDB to determine which company is the participating producer of the Video by following the instructions below.  The company listed on IMDB as the theatrical distributor in the US is the company to look up in CCC’s participating producer list.

  1. Go to www.imdb.com and type in the title of the film that you are interested in. Press the search button.
  2. Locate the Company Credits section. Click on the “See More” link under “Production Companies”.  The theatrical distributor will appear in parenthesis (Theatrical) (U.S.). 
  3. Verify that the company is in the producer list found on the CCC website http://www.copyright.com/mplicense.

Note: If the theatrical distributor is not specified, use the distributor for "All Media" or the Production company.  CCC does not endorse or control the accuracy of the content on IMDB.


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