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What is RightsLink and How do I get Started?

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RightsLink is a licensing service from Copyright Clearance Center that provides permission for the reproduction and distribution of copyrighted materials in print and electronic formats on behalf of rightsholders who list their titles with us.  RightsLink is a service that is accessed directly through a publisher’s website.  Please be aware that the types of licenses offered are established by each individual rightsholder, and will vary.

Getting Started:

Please go to the participating publisher’s website and search for 1) the book or journal and 2) the article or chapter of interest by volume/issue/page number.  Click on “Request Permission” (or similar link), and you will be directed to the RightsLink order page.

You can obtain a price quote in advance by using the “quick price” button.  Please note that any fees are set by the publisher, and not by Rightslink, which is a service that acts on behalf of the publisher.  Before you can place a license order, kindly create an account with RightsLink (click “Create Account).  After you complete the 2-page account creation, you will be able to submit your order. 


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