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Grant Permissions Online (GPO) FAQ

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  1. What is Grant Permissions Online (GPO)?

    Grant Permissions is a password-protected designated area of RightsCentral where copyright holders registered with Copyright Clearance Center can respond to permission requests to use their material in a variety of non-preauthorized transactions.  When you are registered with CCC for GPO, you will be notified via email when a reqeust is pending.

    See Grant Permissions Online (GPO) Detailed Instructions.

  2. How does this benefit me?

    By using CCC's Grant Permissions service you maintain greater control over your permission responses by applying unique terms and conditions to each permission request. You also dramatically reduce paperwork associated with processing permissions and are able to sort your permission requests by title, author, type of use, etc. Additionally, you are able to view up-to-date permission request information, including requests customers have cancelled, and your permission history online for up to 12 months.

  3. What is an "open request"?

    Open request means that someone has requested the rights to use and share your material through one of Copyright Clearance Center's pay-per-use services.

  4. Will I be able to reference permissions online once they are complete?

    Yes. Completed permissions are available online in the "Closed Requests" section of Grant Permissions online. They will be available online for 12 months after the date the permission was closed.

  5. Will I know who responded to a specific permission?

    Any individual entering a permission response online can provide his or her name in the "Entered By" field for each request.

  6. What if my organization/I do not hold the copyright for the requested material?

    Select the title(s) for which you do not hold the rights and select the 'do not hold rights' response option. From here you can advise CCC which portion of the requested material you do not hold the rights to (e.g. the entire publication, the requested chapter/article or page range). You can also provide CCC with contact information for the current copyright holder, if known to you.

  7. Can I provide unique terms and conditions on each permission request?

    Yes. You can choose from a standardized list of responses or you can enter your own unique terms and conditions on each permission request.

  8. Can I leave specific instructions for CCC to process the request?

    Yes. You can provide CCC with special instructions relating to your permission request, publication title or other rights management issue in a "Special Instructions to CCC" text field offered on every permission request.

  9. How will I know when I need to respond to new permission requests?

    CCC will send an email to individuals in your organization who have registered to use the Grant Permissions service to advise that there are new and outstanding requests for permissions. Or, when you log into RightsCentral, you can view your open requests from the Home Page.

  10. How do I unsubscribe from receiving emailed notifications of new permission requests?

    Contact CCC Customer Service at rightsholders@copyright.com or call 978-646-2800 (Option 2), Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM Eastern Time.

  11. Can I see if a customer cancels a permission request after I grant permission?

    Yes. If a customer cancels a request for permission to use your material, this request can be viewed in your list of "Closed Requests? or you can use the Research Order Status report under View Reports.

  12. How can CCC automatically authorize use of my titles?

    During the online permission process you will be given the opportunity to advise CCC to automatically authorize future uses of your material for specific uses. From that time forward any permission requests for your title(s) will be automatically permissioned at the fee you provided under CCC's standard terms for the service(s) selected.

  13. Can I change my royalty fees through CCC?

    Contact your CCC Customer Service at rightsholders@copyright.com or call 978-646-2800 (Option 2) Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM  (Eastern Time) to make any changes to the royalty fees CCC passes along to requestors. Also, under "Manage Titles," you can update your titles, rights and fees on a one-off basis; bulk update features to come.

  14. What are my response options?

    When responding to online permission requests you will have the following options:

    "Grant": If you hold the rights to the publication and will grant the permission request.

    "Deny": If you will not grant the permission request.

    "Do not hold rights": If you do not hold the rights to the requested publication or the requested material/passage. Here you can advise CCC whether or not you have any knowledge of the current copyright holder. If you do, you can provide the name and contact information for the copyright holder.

  15. Can our staff share an account?

    Yes. Multiple staff members can permission requests using the same or different usernames and passwords. All users will have access to the same list of open and closed permission requests. Call CCC Customer Service at 978-646-2800 (Option 2) Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM (Eastern Time) if you require assistance with creating new usernames and passwords to access your account.

  16. What is a "closed request"?

    A "closed" request is one that has been responded to or has expired. "Closed requests" can be viewed for up to 12 months.

  17. What is the CCC service charge if I permission online?

    CCC currently retains a 15% service charge where royalty fees are applied and the title is "pre-authorized" meaning the rightsholder has registered the title with CCC. For non pre-authorized titles, CCC applies an additional 12% service charge for users of Grant Permissions Online or if a rightsholder wishes to receive paper requests, CCC will apply an additional 15% service charge for permissions that are not "pre-authorized". Service charges are subject to change.

  18. Can I sort my permission requests?

    Yes. You can change the sort order of either your open or closed permission requests. Use the "Sort by" drop down to select the sort option of your choice.



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