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How long do Special Orders take? (Special Orders)

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Special Orders can take several days to several weeks to resolve.  Upon receipt of your initial request, CCC will research your request to determine who the rightsholder (copyright owner) is and we will then either be able to grant permission right away or we may have to forward your request out to the rightsholder for review.  When we have an update, you will be sent email notification with the new permission status and fee.

If your request remains in our system 15 days without a response from the rightsholder, we will send the request to them a second time.  At that point, your order status will be updated on copyright.com with the new status of “Second Request to Rightsholder”.  If you see your order reach this status, please feel free to contact CCC and we will see what we can do to push this request through. 

In total, we will forward your request to the rightsholder three times in an effort to obtain permission for you.  If the request remains unanswered for a total of 55 days, we will have to deny your request because the rightsholder has not responded and we cannot grant permission without authorization from the rightsholder.

When you place a Special Order, the total fee for the item is not determined until we contact the rightsholder on your behalf.  Royalty fees are set by the individual rightsholder of the material requested, and therefore, vary widely.  Copyright Clearance Center’s processing fees cover our operating costs, and are a flat fee of $3.50 per granted transaction. 

When we receive an update from the rightsholder regarding your request, we will email you notification of the new permission status and fee.  If your request has been "approved", you will have the option to either accept or decline the item. You will receive reminders to accept/decline the item on the 15th and 55th day from the date the rightsholder responded. The offer will be cancelled on the 60th day, if you have not accepted it.

In addition to updating you via email, you may also directly check the status of a Special Order through copyright.com by logging into your account, clicking on "Manage Account" and then on the "View your Order History" link. 

If you have selected the ‘always automatically accept special orders’ option (located on the address and billing information page under Manage Account) you will be invoiced directly without having the opportunity to accept or decline the terms and the fee.

If you no longer want the order, please cancel the order online prior to being invoiced. You can review our invoice schedule to determine when the invoice will be generated.  If you accept the terms/fee beyond the date when the invoice for the item would normally be generated, an invoice will be created during our next invoice run. 


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