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Additional Helpful Tips when Using Copyright.com

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  • If you are seeking permission to “republish”, separate permissions are needed for use of text and for the use of each figure/chart/table.
  • When asked for a “date”, enter it in the format mm/dd/yyyy.
  • If asked for the year of publication, you may enter just the four digit year.
  • If asked for “circulation/distribution”, enter how many copies of the new publication will be produced.  This information is required by the rightsholder.  The publisher should be able to supply this number.
  • Be sure to click on Checkout and complete the check out process (including accepting Terms and Conditions, and clicking on Place Order), after which you will get a Confirmation Number.
  • For more information or help tips, please visit: http://www.copyright.com/ccc/viewPage.do?pageCode=h100-n


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