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Why am I receiving a foreign photocopying royalty check from Copyright Clearance Center?

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Under bilateral agreements with Reproduction Rights Organizations (RROs) around the world, Copyright Clearance Center is able to distribute royalties to thousands of authors, publishers and other creators for photocopying of printed texts outside the United States. With few exceptions, each foreign RRO from which this payment is being made collects license fees for photocopying under special legislation in its country that permits the use of U.S. works without authorization from the U.S. rightsholder. Fees are collected for photocopying in schools, universities, businesses, research centers and elsewhere.

The check you received is for the portion of the RRO's collections that are designated for you, per regulations and special arrangements in the collecting country. Copyright Clearance Center did not authorize use of your works; Copyright Clearance Center's only role is to work with the foreign RROs to repatriate these funds, and get them to you.


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