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What is the Credit and Payment Policy?

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Credit and Payment Policy

When you enter into a license under any of the pay-per-use services of Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), you are bound by the terms and conditions for that particular service. Use of copyrighted materials under a CCC license constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Invoices are prepared and mailed as follows (varies by type of use):

Academic Uses (coursepacks, classroom handouts, online course content, etc.): 60 days after the "start of term" date provided upon order entry. Class enrollment numbers must be included with the order; billing is based on enrollment.

Non-Academic Digital/Electronic and Paper Uses (e-mail, Internet, intranet, extranet; photocopy; fax): 7 days after permission has been granted. Prices are those published in CCC's online catalog on the date of order entry.

Republication Uses (republish in books, journals, newsletters, etc.): within 24 hours. An invoice will be sent upon creation via email. A paper copy will be mailed via post.


 Payment is due upon receipt of invoice.
You may pay by check or credit card (American Express, Master Card, Visa).
 Invoices unpaid after 90 days will result in the freezing of your account. All permissions activity will cease and orders may not be submitted or updated until payment is received.
CCC reserves the right to change payment terms.
Copies of invoices and invoice details are available upon request by e-mailing

Please include your CCC account number and invoice number. You will receive the materials by mail within 15 business days.


Credit and refund requests must be submitted, in writing, within 30 days of invoice date to adjustments@copyright.com.

Please include your:

1. CCC account number
2. E-mail address
3. Telephone number
4. Invoice number for which adjustment is requested
5. Order and/or order detail number
6. Reason for adjustment request
7. Requested adjustment amount

Credit and refund requests are accepted due to:

1. Data entry or other errors by CCC
2. Duplicate orders (CCC processing charges are still incurred where duplicate royalty fees have been adjusted)

Credit and refund requests are not accepted in response to:

1. An increase in rightsholder-set royalty fees (see section below titled Royalty Fee Statement)
2. A modification in usage numbers, number of copies, pages, students, etc., because accurate usage data was not submitted to CCC before invoicing

3. Any order details in which royalties have already been distributed to rightsholder




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