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Can I make a change to an order after the order is placed (for example, change the number of students)?

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You may edit an order that is "Open" (i.e., not all items have been billed). It's important to understand that all credit card orders are billed immediately and are "Closed" upon the completion of your order. No changes can be made to a closed order. If you require the flexibility to change an order after it is placed, we suggest selecting the invoice payment option during checkout. This will allow you to edit the open order up until the point your invoice is generated.

To edit an open order:

  • Go to the Manage Account area of copyright.com
  • Select "View your Order History" from the Orders (For Pay-Per-Use Accounts Only) menu
  • From your list of orders in Order History, click the View Order link on the specific order you wish to work with
  • Click the Edit links within the various sections of your order to change information in those sections


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